IfoundAsound 2.14

search & maintain digital audio archives
2.14 (See all)

Ifoundasound is the best solution for working with digital sound archives. Search through the archive, listen to the sounds and drag them in to your favourite audio application.
Since most audio editing is now done on computers, having your sound archive on hundreds of CDs is unpractical. A much better solution is having the sounds on a hard drive, as audio files. Copying all your sound effects to disk will speed up your workflow significantly and make the way you work much more intuitive.

Now lets say you have ripped all your SFX-CDs to a hard drive (if not take a look here), you will now need some way of searching and listening to these files, this is where ifoundasound can help you.
ifoundasound builds and index of your audio files and can search through them at high speed.
You can listen to each sound you find, and then copy the ones you like to your work folder.

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